100 years ago, in 1909, Antoine Mecattaf began trading goods in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. He thus laid the foundation to what is today the Mecattaf Group of companies. At the onset, the activity consisted mainly in trading grains, spices, teas and dried goods, like most of the Asian businesses concentrated along the Silk Road. Starting in 1939, his five sons – Georges (1921-1993), Joseph, Marcel, Pierre (1926-1984) and Robert – joined gradually the family business, Antoine Mecattaf et Fils, reinforcing the spirit of entrepreneurship of their father.

In 1974, Mecattaf Trading was constituted for the commercial activities of the group. It specializes in importing and distributing consumer products. Concurrently, Mectapharm was established to handle the pharmaceutical and medical instruments business, and it is today an importer and distributor of multinational blue chip brands. In 1980, Mecattaf SAL was added to the group of companies, to handle the foreign exchange business that had started in 1947 in Beirut. Its focus continues to be foreign exchange transactions, as well as gold and silver trading. Today, Mecattaf SAL is the foremost exchange company in Lebanon. In 1978, the financial services activities of the group expanded their network throughout the Middle East and Europe, through the Zurich-based Mectafinance AG.

The spirit and vision of the founder of the Mecattaf Group of companies is proudly carried by each and every one of the entities. Antoine Mecattaf’s grandchildren have in recent years joined the Group, ensuring continuity of the spirit and stability of the business.

The group includes:
- Mecattaf Holding sal
- Mectafinance AG
- Mecattaf sal
- Mectapharm sal
- Mecattaf Trading Co sal
- Mecatafonciere sal
- Al Mansour sal

MISSION: To be a major service provider to Lebanese and Middle Eastern clients in the fields of Financial Services, Pharmaceutical Products Distribution and Consumer Goods Distribution.

VISION: To ensure the cohesion of the different companies constituting the Mecattaf Group, while allowing each one to develop in its own sector, and within its specific vision, thus providing the Group’s clients with a wide spectrum of services, and a team of dedicated professionals

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The group’s commercial branch, MECATTAF TRADING Co s.a.l. distributes and markets a wide range of consumer products, from personal care to home care and food products.
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Dealer in foreign exchange and precious metals. > Learn more

MECTAPHARM s.a.l. is today one of Lebanon’s leading distributors of pharmaceutical products. Representing industry leaders Pfizer, Acino, Church & Dwight and others. MECTAPHARM s.a.l. achieves nationwide distribution of vital medicines and is committed to the satisfaction of the Lebanese consumer.
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MECTAFONCIERE s.a.l. manages the real estate properties of the group.

Al Mansour s.a.l. manages the real estate investments of the group,a portfolio that includes properties throughout Lebanon.

MECATTAF HOLDING s.a.l. manages the different companies of the group as a shareholder.